Rainier is looking for an outgoing and adventurous teammate to join our Shelter Engineering team! This position would support our quickly growing shelter division. The ability to think on your feet and problem solve while maintaining a professional demeanor is essential for this position.

Rainier values all its employees and this position offers immense opportunities for growth as we are continuing to expand. We appreciate attitudes that are ready for a challenge and offer inventive new ways for us to improve.

We are seeking a mechanical engineer who has the necessary skills and experience to roll up his or her sleeves and jump right into the production workflow. The ideal candidate will possess a high degree of organization and will have sufficient technical expertise to effectively prioritize and manage the fast-paced workload. Must be highly committed to delivering top notch customer service.

We have high expectations for the quality of our product and tho


Rainier offers numerous great benefits to our employees including:

· Affordable Medical and Dental Insurance

· Life Insurance (paid by Rainier)

· 401K with match

· Paid Holidays

· Paid Time Off

· Teammate Appreciation Events

We truly believe that we are one team! We cannot function to the best of our abilities without each individual member of our team’s contributions. With that said there are a few traits that all employees are expected to adhere to, to help contribute to Rainier’s performance standards.

Job Skills – While it seems obvious that having the necessary skills to be able to perform your job is a must, we want not only that but to have you continually grow yourself. Learn from each problem that arises and solve it! Always be flexible and never turn down an opportunity to learn something new. Being cross trained only makes you more of an asset!

Quality – As stated before we have very high standards for the quality of our product. This requires you to be disciplined, accurate and detail oriented when quality checking your orders. This focus as well as understanding Rainier’s procedures will also help you keep your work free of mistakes and errors. Maintaining a clean and organized work area is also a necessity.

Productivity – From when you clock-in to when you clock-out you should be focused and working with a sense of urgency. Working hard is not over looked here, it is respected. Showing up on time and being a reliable and responsible team member is essential for any team to be successful.

Attitude – We want you to enjoy what you do! Having fun at work is important to us and we want it to be important to you. As we are one team, we should always treat other teammates with dignity and respect. This helps to create a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for everyone to work in!

The following are necessary skills and specific tasks which shall be completed with a high level of proficiency:

  • Actively participates in and supports our quality initiative by working towards producing superior quality products and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.
    • Work with departments to maintain production queues, reduce production costs, improve quality, satisfy customer expectations, reduce waste and increase throughput.
  • Survey projects as required
    • Use of personal vehicle required - must be capable of transporting a small folding ladder.
    • Must be able to carry and climb ladders (min. ladder weight is 30-lbs / min. height is 12')
    • Create field survey sketches - use tape measure, levels, angle finders, and other survey tools.
  • Create shop drawings, customer approval drawings, and permit drawings as projects require
    • Design frames and structures using typical design models as bases for construction.
    • Maintain customer files, current and archived.
  • Permits & Approvals
    • Provide documentation for permits and customer approvals as required.
  • General
    • Manage personal queue and communicating to key individuals as needed.
    • Time management, track daily projects, mileage, receipts and other documents.